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As part of the EWC's English Enhancement Pack, we offer 8 classes divided into 4 different levels.

Writing is not easy to teach: it is so personal to every student. We want to change the way writing is taught by providing students by focusing on the FOUNDATIONS:

  1. Learning How to Read & Engagement

  2. Making Sentences "Pop" & Applied Grammar

  3. Building Paragraphs & Logical Connections

  4. Constructing Cohesive Pieces of Writing

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What is the minimum age for core?
The suggested age for participation is 4th grade and above; however, we recommend taking our placement test for a more tailored assessment.

What reading materials are included in the Core program?

You can find detailed information about reading materials on our website.


How do I find an appropriate level for my child?

We recommend that your child take the Core placement test for an accurate placement.

Do you provide discounts for siblings or multiple family members participating in the program?

We provide a sibling discount applicable only to our full-priced offerings. It cannot be combined with any other promotions.

What happens if my child misses a class?

If your child misses a group lesson, they can access the lesson materials and recordings available on our Notebook Learning Platform to catch up on the missed content.

What background do your instructors have?

Our team of instructors is comprised of graduates from top 25 colleges with extensive experience. Approximately 80% of our instructors have graduated from an Ivy League school.

Having just finished up my freshman year, I am delighted to announce that English II was a breeze thanks to you. After taking all the different levels of EWC, I gained the confidence to take the exam to skip a grade in English the very same year I took your classes
“In school, I just read a passage and answer multiple choices ... at EWC, we do more reading, annotating, and writing. We learn how to make it stronger using conjunctions, clauses, and more. We then learn how to use these methods in our writing."

EWC Core focuses on:


Step 1: Choose a diagnostic!

Step 2: Take a diagnostic!

Step 3: Enroll!

Level 1

Learning how to read, understanding sentence types, connecting them logically into paragraphs, and putting everything together with a short story!

Level 3

Continuing active reading, maturating your sentence structures, writing a story review, and then finally a piece of short fiction using the

C-G-O Framework!

Level 2

Introducing active reading and annotation, connecting clauses, developing paragraphs with more flow, and writing a response to Lois Lowry's The Giver!

Level 4

Fixing run-ons, diversifying your sentence structure, writing an Op-Ed on censorship, and, finally, a critical response, thoroughly outlined using techniques learned during the course!

Calendar for Spring 2024 Core classes:

On-Demand Courses

Can't make those times, or want to learn at your own pace? Try our core classes on demand!

They each include:

  • 12-15 hours of video lectures taught by our Founder, Jane Chen!

  • Written feedback for every homework assignment.

Level 1A

Level 2A

Level 3A

Level 4A

Level 1B

Coming Soon!

Level 2B

Level 3B

Level 4B

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