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The Curriculum

Writing is not easy to teach: it is so personal to every student. We want to change the way writing is taught by providing students instructions focusing on the FOUNDATIONS of writing.

How to Read 

Learn to engage with the text to improve literary analysis


Make sentenses "pop" using applied grammar


Use logical connections to create unity within paragraphs

Final Project 

Practice full-length writing essays and stories

Find out how each of the curricula applies to our five levels!

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

The EWC Mission

To change how we learn to write

To write well means to think clearly. At EWC, we believe that the ability to write and think clearly is integral not only to a liberal arts education, but also to our roles in the community at large. Since our inception in January 2020, we have grown to ~800 enrollments from >400 families across 30 states in the U.S. We cannot wait for you to join our community!

Our Philosophy


Being a good writer serves as the bedrock of being a strong thinker. Our classes focus on LOGIC and formalized thinking. It's about expressing yourself to the community in a CLEAR, organized way.




There IS a science to writing. Yes, you should be creative thinkers, but you need to focus on FUNDAMENTALS first. All our curricula are developed in-house to focus on hammering down your foundations of writing for you to become concise, logical, and creative writers.



Writing needs to be accessible to families everywhere. Every person's writing is unique, and so writing instruction is very personal. Through our many course offerings, we aim at writing courses that match YOUR level at affordable prices and give you the flexibility of studying anytime anywhere.

Meet Our Team!

Sam Benkelman

Sam Benkelman is Partner at Eyre Writing Center. In 2011, Sam graduated as a Linguistics concentrator from Harvard with a secondary in Computer Science. He is particularly interested in the cross-linguistic structure of language, and he recently won the Fulbright Fellowship to teach English grammar abroad in the Czech Republic. Sam also served as an Undergraduate Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning and as a research assistant for Harvard’s Linguistics Department and Graduate School of Education.

Jane Chen

Jane Chen is Co-Founder of Eyre Writing Center. Originally from New York City, Jane worked with students on their writing on a pro bono basis for nearly a decade. Prior to EWC, she worked as a Senior Investment Analyst for various asset management firms in New York and Europe. Jane graduated from Harvard University cum laude as a History concentrator (with a focus in financial history and secondary in Economics) and a Blankfein Family Scholar in 2012. She previously attended the Trinity School in Manhattan.

Prateek Kumar

Prateek Kumar is co-Founder of Eyre Writing Center. Prateek has spent a decade in a number of hedge fund investing roles on Wall Street. He graduated from Harvard University in 2011 with a B.A. Magna cum laude in Economics and as a John Harvard Scholar. He previously attended Phillips Academy Andover, where he graduated as a President George H.W. Bush Scholar. He was also one of 75 students selected to attend the Research Science Institute at MIT and was awarded the Gold Congressional Award by the US Congress. 

Joanna Tan

Joanna Tan is a Partner at Eyre Writing Center. Upon graduating from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2016 with an MPA and prior joining EWC, Joanna worked as a management analyst in online education and e-commerce industries. A simultaneous interpreter by training, Joanna used to interpret for high-level international conferences including the Beijing Olympic Games and the Asia Security Summit: the Shangri-La Dialogue. She's also a lawyer by training and an alumna of Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University.


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