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A syntax tree representing English grammar structure.
A printed essay, annotated by an editor's red pen.
I recently won 5 Scholastic writing awards in the Midwest region from the creative writing pieces that I did during the summer journal writing sessions (2 gold keys, 1 silver, 2 honorable mentions)!
Thank you so much for teaching my two kids! My son is 11 years old and he is writing a book! It's almost 50,000 words 😊 Thank you so much, EWC! 🙏😄🌹❤️
EWJ definitely set me on the path to fixing my study habits. Though I still find myself submitting near midnight, I haven't missed as many assignments as before. I would 100% recommend EWC to people who want to both fix their study habits and improve their writing.
I just want to say "Thank you" to EWC! My daughter attended the Summer program once, 8 weeks and got a great improvement in her writing! It shows up little by little! She got 14 out of 14 in her writing of NY state ELA test! This is unbelievable! She's never a got full marks ever! When summarizing her results, she said that the training she received at EWC was of great help to her. I really appreciate you, EWC and the summer program. THANK YOU!
❤️ I love the way EWC operates! With the meeting in the beginning to practice tests to see what group fits best for you is terrific ... This place is an honor for me to be in! I have never thought that my writing could have been any better if it wasn't for EWJ. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  
I've always like writing, but never really loved it until EWC came along. With editors from the Ivy League, they give back extremely helpful edits in a nick of time. The deadlines push you until you actually love to write. So if you sign up, you're looking at the best live editing-writing camp in the US.
The editors are wonderful, having office hours available for any student! Staff working in EWJ are so wonderful; thank you for all you have done in these past four weeks. With a tons of emails, drafts, and articles to publish, the team has gone a long way. Writing is such an important addition to life, bringing creativity and joy to readers. Students need this opportunity to learn and grow their young author skills. Thank you, EWC!
EWJ is unlike any other program I've done before because it gives me the unique opportunity to not only receive daily feedback, but also see my works published ... I'm glad I found this program, and I highly recommend it!
In school they don't really teach you  … But, [at] EWC they actually teach you.
EWJ improved my writing drastically. Using the tools EWJ provides, I carved a statue out of what used to be a simple rock.
I have become a good writer and I want to thank you. When I first started, my writing skills were very bad, like sharing a bad Generic platformer from Scratch website to griffpatch. But each day, my writing skills get a bit better without noticing because of EWC and EWJ. Now, my writing skills are as excellent as it can be. Thanks for your support over the orientation as well!! 
I just wanted to thank [you] for contributing to my writing journey. I also wanted to thank this program for providing this wonderful moment and choosing their students to be publishers. This camp has started a new, unforgettable chapter in my life. I have faith that the articles I have written will take me far. 
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