We're thrilled to kick off our book spotlight series with the selected works of George Orwell, the master of powerfully clean prose. His works also drip in satire. 

Charles on Animal Farm

By combining a clever use of metaphors with interesting characters and an intriguing plot with even more intriguing plot twists, Orwell has created a masterpiece of a book.


on 1984

1984 is definitely a worthwhile book to read. This novel is so descriptive and the plot is surprising and dense. Orwell does a fantastic job in creating this dystopian world.


on Animal Farm

Orwell’s plot structure and characters fit perfectly together to capture the reader’s attention unexpectedly at a particularly intense or emotional point, leaving the reader interested and wanting to read more.


on 1984

Everyone was the same. No one was allowed to be unique. The Party’s slogan shows the Party's way of using false history to tear down people’s psychological independence. 


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