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WINTER/SPRING 2021 TERM: Intro Courses

EWC starts at the very beginning: from building sentences, to forming paragraphs, and eventually to crafting essays by analyzing classical literature.

Beginning 2021, classes will be held in lecture and seminar format. Lectures will held every Saturday, and students are expected to attend either live or watch the recording. Seminars will be held throughout the week and is dedicated for discussion and homework time. Time will also be allocated for individual feedback and parent-teacher conferences.

Intro 100 progress to Intro 200 (Suggested Gr. 4-6). Intro 150 progress to Intro 250 (Suggested Gr. 6-8). 

Feel free to watch recordings from our prior open houses to learn more about the Intro series!

Intro 100

$425.00 USD

Intro 150

$425.00 USD

Intro 200

$425.00 USD

Intro 250

$425.00 USD
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Grammar Modules (Live Class OR Self-Paced)

"An man were walking to the store because she is hungry..."

At EWC, we offer 4 Grammar Modules. They are divided into "Grammar Fundamentals" and "Advanced Grammar & Style" is the science of language constructionPlease read our Grammar Instructor's blog post here!

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Grammar I

$425.00 USD

Grammar II

$425.00 USD

Grammar III

$425.00 USD

Grammar IV

$425.00 USD

Self-Paced Grammar Courses


Introducing: EWC WORKSPACE

Have a question about ANY part of the writing process for ANY assignment? Want us to edit an important piece of writing in-depth? As part of our "Open Door" policy, ask our writing tutors anything!

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The "HUM" Bimonthly Series

We all know that children need a strong foundation of liberal arts knowledge grounded in reading both literary and historical texts. That's where Intro to Humanities comes in. In each course, we have the following objectives:

  • To introduce students to a challenging cornerstone text supported by secondary works in different genres. 
  • To take an interdisciplinary approach to writing by offering comparative analysis in modular topics so that students can select topics that interest them.
  • To have students produce writing assignments in varied genres and end class with an element of verbal argumentation.


HUM Series: Track A

$99/month (2 month min.)

HUM Series: Track B

$99/month (2 month min.)
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