Say Hello to the EWC Team!




Meet Our Administrators for Spring 2021!

Sam Fang

Sam Fang is the Dean of Eyre Writing Center for Spring Term 2021. Originally from Beijing, China, Sam came to the US at age 14 and graduated from Harvard University in 2011 as a Neurobiology concentrator, with a secondary in Music. Sam has been working in the online education industry in China over the past 7 years, developing his expertise in learning content design and operational management. Sam is excited to join the EWC team this Spring! 

Jennifer Niemi

Jennifer Niemi is a student at Harvard studying Economics and Government. Growing up as a military child, Jennifer has lived all over the world and as a result, fell in love with learning new languages and cultures including Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Summer 2019, she studied at Beijing Language and Culture University where she completed Harvard’s advanced Chinese curriculum in only nine weeks and earned a language citation in Chinese.

Say Hello to Our Tutors!

Bridget Chemberlin

Bridget Chemberlin is a Harvard social science and visual arts concentrator. She has years of teaching experience as both a registered peer tutor and as a teaching assistant for the Indianapolis Art Center. She has previously worked as a research assistant for renowned poet Joan Naviyuk Kane. As a First Nations Mohawk person, she currently serves as secretary for Natives At Harvard College, an indigenous student group at Harvard.

Anna Correll

Anna Correll is a joint concentrator in Comparative Literature and Art, Film and Visual Studies at Harvard. She designs for the Harvard Advocate literary magazine, FIG magazine, and WHRB. She recently edited and illustrated the book The Sisters and the Sea for fifth graders in Taiwan. She loves creative and personal writing, and in 2020 won the Thomas Wood Award in Journalism.

Logan Dick

Logan Dick is a Social Studies concentrator at Harvard. He enjoys reading and writing as well as math, and he has volunteered as a tutor/coordinator at the Mission Hill After School Program for more than 2 years. Outside of academics, he is an avid soccer player and watcher, and he enjoys playing games of all types, including board games, card games, and video games.

Sonia Epstein

Sonia Epstein studies History & Literature at Harvard with a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. Working with other students at Harvard’s Writing Center has been one of the great joys of her college years. Her own writing has appeared in The Harvard Crimson, where she served as an editor, and she has received several literary and academic awards from the university. She loves biology and medicine, choral music, walking on her hands, and sending letters to friends. She attended Stuyvesant High School in New York City.

Hannah Martinez

Hannah Martinez is a History concentrator at Harvard with a secondary in Government. She is a news editor for The Harvard Crimson and has had her work published in the Harvard Undergraduate Law Review and the Claremont Journal of International Relations. Hannah has previously taught journalism to high school students in China and mentors young girls through Harvard's Strong Women Strong Girls program.

Mika Simoncelli

Mika Simoncelli is a visual art concentrator at Harvard. She is passionate about education and mentorship, and has recently held teaching positions at the Harvard Ed Portal to create interdisciplinary lessons in writing and history. She is also a Teaching Assistant at the International Center of Photography. Mika is active in Harvard's student-run radio station and member of the administrative board. She is a lover of art in all of its forms, from writing, to music, to photography, and everything in between.

Meet Our Grammar Team!

CJ Passarella

(Grammar I-IV)

CJ is a Harvard evolutionary biology and religion conentrator with a passion for learning and teaching languages. Currently studying Sanskrit, he speaks Spanish and French, and has devoted much of his time in high school and college to educational initiatives and doing nonprofit work in ESOL education with newly-arrived immigrants. CJ was hired by RoLA Languages to develop language textbooks including grammatical exercises, and also served as an ESL consultant for the Academic Resources Center at Harvard.

Carmen Enrique 

(Grammar Video Library)

Carmen Enrique studies Linguistics and Comparative Literature at Harvard College. She enjoys helping students with their writing as a volunteer college counselor. Carmen has extensive experience with research and writing thanks to her positions at the Instituto Cervantes, The Harvard Crimson, VICE Media, and Let's Go Publications. She was also selected for the prestigious Harvard-Cambridge Fellowship in 2019. Originally from Mallorca, Spain, she graduated early from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

Co-founders and Partners of EWC

Jane Chen

Jane Chen is Co-Founder of Eyre Writing Center. Originally from New York City, Jane worked with students on their writing on a pro bono basis for nearly a decade. Prior to EWC, she worked as a Senior Investment Analyst for various asset management firms in New York and Europe. Jane graduated from Harvard University cum laude as a History concentrator (with a focus in financial history and secondary in Economics) and a Blankfein Family Scholar in 2012. She previously attended the Trinity School in Manhattan.  

Prateek Kumar

Prateek Kumar is co-Founder of Eyre Writing Center. Prateek has spent a decade in a number of hedge fund investing roles on Wall Street. He graduated from Harvard University in 2011 with a B.A. Magna cum laude in Economics (with a minor in Government) and as a John Harvard Scholar. He previously attended Phillips Academy Andover, where he graduated as a President George H.W. Bush Scholar. He was also one of 75 students selected to attend the Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT and was awarded the Gold Congressional Award by the US Congress. Prateek is an Eagle Scout as part of the Boy Scouts of America and a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholar.

Sam Benkelman

Sam Benkelman is Partner of Eyre Writing Center. In 2011, Sam graduated as a Linguistics concentrator from Harvard with a secondary in Computer Science. He is particularly interested in the cross-linguistic structure of language, and he recently won the Fulbright Fellowship to teach English grammar abroad in the Czech Republic. Sam also served as an Undergraduate Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning and as a research assistant for Harvard’s Linguistics Department and Graduate School of Education.