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School Applications

We know how stressful the application process can be. We also know that every student is different. From crafting compelling personal statements and essays to preparing for interviews with confidence and poise, the Eyre Writing Center is dedicated to empowering you to showcase your potential and navigate the complexities of the application process with ease and precision. Join us, and maximize your opportunities in the competitive realm of school applications.

Crimson Path


Our Crimson Path packages are bespoke for each family. We will work with you to create a plan tailored for your needs. 

We will assess your narrative and positioning, your common application, as well as arrange private meetings with your editor on how to best position yourself in this highly competitive landscape.

College Application DIY Package

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The college application is overwhelming. Our College Application DIY Package looks to ease students into the process.


The package provides personalized, results-oriented assistance that will enable you to make decisive, informed decisions for your future college goals. 

Work with Ivy

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Connect with the Eyre Writing Center's extensive network of Ivy League alumni to make the best informed decisions for your educational career.

Consult with Ivy League students and alumni about any and all aspects of pre-college and college education. Work with Ivy provides a holistic support system that democratizes access to the best educational resources in the United States.

Interview Preparation

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Our College Interview Prep Services leverages EWC Founder Jane's years of experience as a Harvard Alumni interviewer.

EWC will help you present your best self and maximize your chances of securing a spot at your dream college. Let us be your partner in this important step towards your academic and professional future.

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