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Ivy Reading Companion

A love of reading English is so important. Let us help—join us in the Ivy Reading Companion! Participate in activities such as directed conversations with classmates, and build social skills in the process! We encourage students to share their vibrant ideas to improve their confidence in English. 

Key Areas

The importance of reading aloud

Reading aloud is an important tool for language learning and oral expression. Through reading aloud, students can improve their communication skills, gain a better grasp of the language, and get a feel for the written and spoken word.

Group Interaction

Students are encouraged to actively participate in group discussions, share ideas, exchange thoughts, and improve their oral expression and listening comprehension skills.

Vocab and grammar enrichment

We provide well-designed content that helps students expand their English vocabulary and teaches the correct way to use words, so they can express themselves more freely and fluently in English.

Developing critical thinking skills

We guide you to develop critical thinking to help students read and interpret texts with more depth and insight.

Analysis of texts

Instructors lead students in an in-depth analysis of English texts, exploring the author's point of view, literary techniques, and hidden meanings to help students better understand and appreciate the beauty of English literature.

Encouraging reading as a habit

The course will help students develop a consistent reading habit that will enable them to become more confident in reading English language materials, both in academic areas and for personal interests.

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