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Reading Wonder Wednesday: Let's Wonder about Lexile.com!

Updated: Oct 4

It’s Reading Wonder Wednesday here at EWC’s Reading Corner, which means that we have a juicy tip for you to help your child along their literacy journey. Look out for these new strategies, tidbits, and tricks every week right here on the blog!

Well, this much is proven: the best way to become a strong reader is to READ more. But the harder question is how do we get our children to feel enthusiastic about books when their phones, video game consoles, or televisions are beckoning to them every second of every day?!

Truth is: you have to find your child’s “just right” book. But for busy parents and busy schedules, this doesn’t always seem feasible. The good news: there’s a method to this madness.


That’s right, there is a numerical measurement that can help educators gauge exactly what reading grade level your child is on, and therefore, find exactly which text will challenge and inspire them.

But, we aren’t all educators. So, how do we garner this ultimate power?! Lexile.com has ALL the answers. Using your child’s grade level, how they feel about their assigned reading in school, and their unique interests, Lexile.com will provide you with thousands of book suggestions, so you can take a list straight to the library with your child and actually come home with something they’ll be excited about reading!

Just think, your child, curled up on the couch, phone nowhere in sight, smiling with glee, voraciously soaking up every word of Jane Austen’s Pride and….

Alright, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. 🙂

To get started on Lexile.com, check out the Infographic below, which you can find on our Facebook page (Eyre Writing Center) or our Instagram page (@eyrewriting). If you like Lexile.com’s “Just Right” tool, explore their website even more as there are so many other helpful resources for students and parents.

If this makes you excited about reading, don't forget to sign up for our mailing list, so you can get the Zoom links for our free reading labs!

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