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Reading Wonder Wednesday: Let's wonder about..... creative ways to build vocabulary!

Vocabulary, as we’ve discussed on our blog, isn’t just about memorizing and taking tests. It’s actually about breaking down unknown words strategically, using specific parts to figure out the entire meaning.

So, when you boil it down to the fundamentals, being familiar with as many prefixes and suffixes, the building blocks of language, as your child can, will make learning new words a breeze.

How do we do this, though, and keep our kids interested? We gamify!

To practice the skills needed to learn new vocabulary, try these activities:

  • Sorting - This Thanksgiving, help your child to become adept at comparison and contrast. Have them take a look at some of the cooking items - spatulas, whisks, pans, and pots - and group them as fast as they can. They can group by different categories - color, shape, function. Once they get comfortable with this, it will allow them to strategically think about applying this to words and phrases rather than just objects.

  • Artistic Expression - Use art to help students to learn new words. Once you go over the definition of a new word, have your child draw a fun picture to remember it by. This will then help them to visualize the meaning of the word, commit it to memory, and as they continue to use it, can add even more detail to their picture.

  • Big Word Competition - Challenge your kids to use some of their new words in conversation. Instead of using the word sad, try the word “devastated.” Every time your child uses the word correctly, drop a piece of candy or a marble into a jar. Whoever has the most marbles or candy by the end of the competition, will win a prize!

Spice up this Thanksgiving with some new, educational games, and some interesting vocabulary! We hope you have a great holiday with family, and we look forward to the next reading lab this coming Monday and Tuesday!

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