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Females Getting into Sports

By: Joelyn Luo

During the pandemic, more women started participating in sports such as volleyball, skateboarding, surfing, and lots of others. This was the fastest growing group of people that played sports in history! In fact, basketball was the fastest growing team, with 219,000 extra participants.

One example of this is about a girl named Ella Smit, who is 17 years old and from Gippsland. She likes watching Sky Brown, a 14-year-old, in Olympics skating. She said “I saw girls skating and doing tricks on TV so I decided to give it a try.” She is the youngest person to compete in the Olympics. She says that she is very cool. She also sees lots more girls on T.V. or YouTube and she wants to be like them.

Ms. Smit said that she is happy with whatever sport her daughter picks as long as she is happy. Also, most females have gotten into skating during the pandemic because it is the only thing that keeps them active. Each year more and more females start playing sports. So, it increases each year. Adults are also participating in sports to also keep them active. They say that they have been active for more than 2 years ago.

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