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Dot the Mushroom

By: Lian Zhu

Once there was a mushroom named Dot. Dot lived in a small mushroom house. Dot was lonely and sad. He wanted a friend so he left the house one day.

Since he had no legs, he bounced. Dot soon came into a cave. This cave was somehow different. He wandered in the cave. Soon he found himself lost in the dark cave. Out of one direction a faint bright orange thing came in. He walked towards the bright light. Then colors came out everywhere! Shades of green, orange, pink, and blue were in every direction! Then he realized this was not any cave! It was a lush cave! Water trickled down and had a floor covered in moss and some jagged rocks. Bright orange glow berries hang from the top of the cave.

He wanted to go out and find a friend. Then, something bouncing came over and look at Dot. Dot said, “Hi.” The weird-shaped thing looked like a mushroom but the stem was a cube and the head was green and had red spots on them. The thing said, “Hi.” The strange mushroom said that his name was Squishy. Squishy and Dot walked together. Soon they became friends. Before they left the amazing cave, they both took ton of berries from the vines and left the cave.

Back home they played together and when it was nighttime, Dot and Squishy slept. They played and talked and did everything together and lived happily.

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