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Dimension Trap

By: Jessie Sha

“Bike faster! Bike faster!” I thought, as I frantically pedaled my legs on my small rusty blue bike. Now, you may be thinking that I’m a criminal, but hear me out, ok? This whole thing was based on a lie. How? Well, Audrey, Yalonda, and Stacy decided to be the dumbest jerks ever! They set off the fire alarm and blamed me for the whole thing! Unfortunately, the principal believed them and now, they were sending cops to chase me! I biked to the nearest shed (also the rust old red one), and walked in. It was completely empty, which meant I could hide anywhere. Then I realized where I was, the haunted abandoned warehouse that no one would dare go into. Suddenly a big flash of blue light escaped from the side door. I walked over to check it out, but it popped open and sucked me in. Everything was spinning so fast until I landed on bright glistening white grass. I looked around and found that this whole place looked like a big cloud with magical trees that were golden swirled white, and hidden animals all over the place.

“Hello,” A sweet voice said.

“H-hello.” I answered back scanning my surroundings. “How did I get here? And what was the crazy whirlpool thing that sucked me up? Is this heaven? Who’s talking?”

“I am Amalthea, and no, this isn’t heaven, and you aren’t dead. As matter of fact, you were chosen to help us, dimension 24.”

“Wait, what? Chosen to help another dimension?! No, no you must be mistaken. The only thing I would be chosen for is being clumsy. Also, where are you?”

“I’m right here.” She replied as the air in front of me solidified making my dark brown hair flow into my face. “We are not mistaken by the portal's choice.”

“The portal chose me?” I said, staring at Amalthea. Amalthea had wings, and antlers that were golden. The rest of her clothes were white.

“Yes, and we need your help immediately.”


“With our connection.”

“Connection with?”

“With your world, dimension 2.”

“And how am I supposed to help?”

“Go to corporation and figure out the problem. Master said that a human from dimension 2 would fix it.”

“How do I get-” Before I could finish my question, the most beautiful hind I had ever seen soared past me and landed.

“You will use Luna, the hind, and Ayla, the mighty eagle.” The two animals were both white with streaks of gold on their wings (yes, the hind had wings.) I flew over to the corporation and was shocked (even though I shouldn’t be) that golden bunnies with white wings were working there. The room was filled with blue connection ERROR signs everywhere and the bunnies looked about ready to faint.

“Who’s the warden?” All the bunnies stared at me and gasped.

“H-he’s back there.” One of them said, pointing to one of the five doors.

“Thanks.” I replied walking through the door. I walked in and saw the warden.

“Hi, I think I’m here to fix the connection?”

“Yes, good, good come.” I walked over to the dozens of cables and saw that one was unplugged. I bent down and plugged it in.

“Well, here we have, oh goodness. The connection is back! You can go now.” I got on Luna and Ayla flew off ahead to announce to Amalthea. When I finally landed, I gave them both treats that I had, and they left.

“I will send you back now.”

“No, that will be disastrous.”

“It’s all fixed because it’s a favor, from me to you as a thanks.”

“Thank you.” I was spit from the portal and I passed out as the police did a full check.

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