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Demand for Abortion Pills increase after the Supreme Court decision

By: Sophia Wang

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, many women across the nation requested appointments to obtain abortion pills.

Roe v Wade was a case that secured the right for a pregnant woman to have an abortion. This was recently overturned on June 24th, 2022, and since then, activists on both sides have been protesting throughout the country.

Many conservative states have banned all forms of abortion, even including methods like receiving abortion pills through mail and telemedicine abortion. Pro-choice states and organizations are working to provide abortion pills to patients.

Abortion pills are typically two pills that can be taken 1 to 2 days apart. They stop the pregnancy process and remove the fetus. They can be taken anywhere and can be used in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Numerous patients prefer the medication because it is cheaper and it gives individuals more privacy.

“They’re very, very safe and very effective,” said Dr. Siripanth Nippita, a clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at N.Y.U. Langone Health.

“Just the Pill”, an abortion pill organization has already supplied over 2,500 telemedicine appointments and medication since October 2020. This organization is planning to establish mobile clinics along the Colorado state border to be able to continue distributing pills and consulting people.

Another organization, “Abortion Delivered”, provides a surgical abortion and is being developed to be within the range of clients who live in states who have already banned abortion.

“By operating on state borders, we will reduce travel burdens for patients in states with bans or severe limits,” Dr. Amaon said. “And by moving beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic, our mobile clinics can quickly adapt to the courts, state legislatures, and the markets, going wherever the need is.”

"The health and life of women of our nation are now at risk," President Joe Biden said. "Make no mistake. This decision is the culmination of a deliberate effort over decades to upset the balance of our law."







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