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Cornelia Parker: The Blow-Up Artist

By: Bella Lee

The great British artist Cornelia Parker has used steamrollers and many other tools to make art. She is creative, and her work has sparked a new sort of “violent” art.

Parker was born to a family with a physically abusive father. She had two sisters and lived in a smallholding in the 1960s. As a child, she had to take care of cows and clean the stables.

Despite facing hard times, she always seized chances to play. She would place coins on nearby railroad tracks and watch as they transform.

When she began her career as an artist, she would use inspiration from those experiences to make her art. In an interview with the BBC, Parker stated, "Everything just sort of weaves together.” She knew that she had put so much effort into her art in her lifetime.

For further inspiration, Parker also looks to sculptures like Rodin, who created famous sculptures like “The Thinker”. She utilizes many different techniques in her art, even incorporating things like snake venom.

While it might sound creepy, there is a beauty within it that many people are drawn to. Parker will be always known for being a creative and relentless artist whose persistence has pushed her to create defining art.

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