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BTS is taking a Break but Will Return Together

By: Jingwei Zhao

Popular K-pop band BTS is taking a break from the band experience. According to RM, leader of the group, BTS was different as it gave their fans time to really grow up and still enjoy the music of BTS. However, he said that “after years of working, the group has lost its direction.” They are only taking a break from working together as a group and will spend time by themselves. They posted this news on the Internet during a party to celebrate their several years working together. Almost everyone in the team is turning 30 now and they are celebrating the success and fame they achieved.

Members such as Jin and Suga say that it is hard to really work well and make meaningful lyrics since they haven’t matured enough recently. RM wants the team to continue for a long time, which means that they need to mature and take a break for now. The whole band agrees on that and wishes to rest as they find it hard to meet the expectations of their fans and listeners. “I hope that people don’t think negatively about this step and that they see this is a healthy, important part of our plan that will let BTS grow stronger,” says J-Hope. They will return as a band but just want to separate during the break.

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