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British Grand Prix’s Big Hot Mess

By: Derick Zhang

The recent British Grand Prix was full of drama in incidents, from a racer getting upset to an entire protest. Here’s what happened at the British Grand Prix. The first problem was the protesters, the race was delayed by an hour because of a huge pile-up at the very first corner, involving an Alfa Romeo flipping over skidding along the gravel in the fence and stuck between the fence and the Guardrail. The was rescued by paramedics and was somehow reported uninjured, plus there was an environment protest going on. Later in the race another Aston Martin punted racer Sebastian Vettel into a pit wall.

The winner in the end of this was Ferrari’s racer Carlos Sainz who took home his first ever F1 victory, though with in the Ferrari racers another racer Charles Leclerc was not very happy when Ferrari chose to leave in stranded on hard tires and giving Sainz fresh tires, a choice made by many racing teams a lot. Though this was normal many people thought that this choice cost Leclerc the win. Another thing that made people angry was that Ferrari told Sainz to speed up to a speed that Leclerc couldn’t reach and on lap 30 Sainz overtook Leclerc.

Sainz got greedy when he refused to slow down so he and Leclerc were closer. After the race Mattia Benito gave Leclerc a talk for what appeared to be him warning to not mess with the team plans, later though Leclerc announced that Benito was just trying to cheer him up. At least there was something heartwarming about this race.

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