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Bonchon Chicken weekend and review.

By: Charlotte Dong

On Saturday, I went to Bonchon Chicken with my friends to hang out, and afterward, we went to Barnes and Noble’s together. Bonchon Chicken is a Korean restaurant that serves Korean-styled fried chicken and many other Korean and Asian cuisines. Overall, I give Bonchon Chicken a 3/5.

The first time I went to Bonchon Chicken was last year with my brother. We were both hungry and wanted some fried chicken for lunch, so we went to Bonchon Chicken. There is a wide variety of chicken: chicken strips, drumsticks, chicken tenders, and chicken wings. There are 2 signature sauce choices: spicy, garlic soy, or both (half spicy and half garlic soy). I got all spicy because I thought garlic soy would taste like garlic (I dislike the taste of garlic) and because I thought it was not going to be that spicy. I was gravely mistaken. The chicken was so spicy that I shed some tears from my eyes and nose, and I drank more water than I have ever drunk in my life. I had to take out my chicken because it was too spicy for my liking so I didn’t finish it and even my brother couldn’t handle its spice.

My second time going to Bonchon Chicken was a lot better! This time we got a combo and shared it, and I also got some udon noodles. The spicy chicken still tasted the same. I tried the garlic soy chicken and it tasted pretty good! Overall, in my opinion, the food was up to par. The outside of the chicken was crispy and delicious, but the inside of the chicken wasn’t tender. However, the service was amazing! Our server was extremely nice, and she was eager to talk to me and my friends. I ended up bonding with her over our similar interest: anime. We exchanged anime recommendations with each other and talked about animes such as “Hunter x Hunter”, “Jujutsu Kaisen”, and “Spy x Family”.

Although my rating for Bonchon Chicken is average, I wouldn’t stop you from going. I think people should experience the taste of the spicy chicken for themselves, especially people who like spicy foods because everyone has different taste buds. Online reviews also vary so you might as well go try it for yourself!

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