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BET called out after Lil Nas X is left out of the nomination

By: Grace Lee

In Lil Nas X’s new single, you will hear “F*** BET” chanted repeatedly. Lil Nas X says his dismay with BET is based on the fact of his queerness, which is still incredibly rare for popstar of his status, especially male and black ones.

In a now-deleted quote, Lil Nas X wrote, “I just feel like black gay ppl have to fight to be seen in this world and even when we make it to the top mfs try to pretend we are invisible." BET has responded to this by stating that its voting academy consists of 500 entertainment professionals and that no one working at BET has any part in the voting academy, which has not given the rapper a BET award.

Lil Nas X has been nominated for two BET awards in the past. He has also won 2 BET Hip Hop Awards. Since coming out of the closet in 2019 during the height of “Old Town Road”’s popularity, he has received an enormous amount of support from fans and celebrities alike. However, Lil Nas X has also received his fair share of homophobia from haters and even celebrities as well.

Awards exist to feed egos, but they're also a part of the game. But when someone like Lil Nas X is Black and queer, the lack of recognition or representation can just feel hopeless.

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