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An Amazing Adventurous Adventure

By: Braydon Chen

“What’s the point of having a golden toilet?” Bob asked, opening a random door, and revealing a bathroom.

“I don’t know … we should be focusing,” Violet said. “Come on.”

“Awwwww, Ms. Serious is ruining all the fun!” Bob complained, “You—GAAH!”

Violet scanned the clean white walls lined with mahogany doors and spotted two guards in shiny armor that changed color as they walked down the red velvet carpet, which had intricate gold patterns woven into the design. It didn’t seem likely they’d get past the guards since both guards welded spears, had swords strapped to their sides, daggers sheathed on their chests, and throwing stars attached in a line down their studded boots–four on each leg.

“They look like they were born with weapons,” Bob muttered under his breath.


The guards were heading their way, and at any moment, they would be discovered. They had to move quickly. Violet shuddered as she looked at the sharp blades. The guards could probably slice them in two in a matter of seconds. Violet felt Bob twine his fingers around hers, and she looked into his eyes.

“We’ll get past them. Together.” He’d been joking a few minutes earlier, but now there was something else in his eyes: determination. Violet gave a half-smile, before a strong, gloved hand wrapped around her arm and she gasped aloud.

The guards had found them.

Bob tried to pry her free, but the second guard quickly detained him. Their faces were covered with hoods to hide their identities. Violet and Bob thrashed furiously, but the guards’ grips were too strong, and they threatened to slice their heads off with their swords.

They were blindfolded, gagged, and picked up off the floor, so they had no bearings as they were hauled around in the air for a couple of minutes. Then they were set down and their blindfolds and gags were removed.

They were in a grand hall, with jeweled pillars rising high up into the air and forming massive arches across the room. Sconces with purple flames glowed and illuminated the raised throne at the end of the hall. An imposing figure was perched on the plush seat with four more bodyguards around him. He wore a long black robe with silver designs and silver cuffs around his arms. The hood of his cloak was pulled up, just like his guards. Clearly, they liked to keep secrets.

Violet and Bob were shoved to the floor. Thankfully the carpet below them cushioned their fall.

“What do you want?” A male’s voice asked from the throne, his bodyguards shuffled around him, getting into position.

“We came here for an exchange,” said Bob, and Violet was surprised that his voice didn’t shake as he spoke. But she still grabbed onto his hand, thankful for his support just as he was hers.

“An exchange? For what?” The man pressed.

“Our father . . . was kidnapped. We heard he was brought here. We want him back.”

The man laughed, rising from his seat and walking towards Violet and Bob. “Ah .. . yes, you must be Violet and Bob.”

“Why did you take our father?” Violet demanded.

“I didn’t.”


“I would be careful with insults, Bob, you aren’t in a position to negotiate at the moment,” Both could hear the smile in his voice as he gestured to the six bodyguards in the hall.

“Then give us our father, and we’ll do anything you want.”

“And why should I trust you?”

Violet stepped closer, “We came this far to reach this temple, we trusted what everyone said that you’d kidnapped him. Besides, he’s our dad, we’d do anything to get him back, to get back to normal.”

The man paused, then said, “Good enough. My only terms are that you stay here.”

“What? No!” Bob said as Violet said, “Yes!”

They looked at each other in confusion.

The male chuckled, “Such disagreement, I see. This might take a while. Want anything to drink?”

“This isn’t a party, we’re here for our father.” Bob growled, “You know what? Fine. I’ll stay at your stupid temple if it means getting our dad back!”


“Where’s our dad?” Violet asked.

“I’m right here.” The man’s voice had changed tone, and Violet had a suspicion of who he was. But she was still surprised when he pulled down his hood, revealing dark hair that was tied in a ponytail and dark skin with chiseled features. The siblings gasped.


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