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Alana’s Pearls

By: Catherine Wang

Why can’t you go to bed already? I really shouldn’t have given you that extra nap. YOU WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER STORY?! Fine, get the Cinderella book for me. Wait, you don’t want to listen to Cinderella anymore? What do you want to hear then? A “mysterious tale”? Hmm… Let me think of one.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen named Venus. She was perfect in every way except one, which was loyalty to her husband, the king. Venus hated her husband. He was so annoying and ugly. So, one day, she decided she had had enough and began an affair with another man named Octavian.

Soon enough, she gave birth to Octavian’s child, Alana. And once Venus’ husband found out, he was furious. In order to punish his wife and Alana, he hired a witch to kill Venus and curse her daughter forever. The witch killed Venus with poison and moved on to Alaina. But the truth is, the witch was kind-hearted. She wondered if it was right to curse this cute baby. It wasn’t the baby’s fault her mother wasn’t loyal!

She understood the child was innocent, but she had no choice but to obey the king. And with much heartbreak, she cursed the child with the curse of being hated by all humans except for one. But the king didn’t know there was a way to break the curse, if Alana could find somebody to take two pearls.

But it isn’t that easy, the person who had to take her pearls must truly love her and be willing to die with her. Alana tried to get someone to take the pearls, but sadly nobody would.

From then on, every daughter in the Hudson family would have Alana’s curse, and none of them were ever able to break it. That was, until Alaina Hudson was born.

By now, the Hudson family’s reputation was completely destroyed by the curse, and the once glorious family became separated and isolated. But Alaina, who was a daughter of the Hudson’s, was an exception. She’d found the person who would love her and was completely happy living with her husband Damon, a farmer.

One day Damon was walking in the market when he heard merchants gossiping about Alaina. But he caught something about “Alana’s Pearls”.

Damon asked about Alana’s Pearls and the merchants told him all about it.

He went home and explained to Alaina that he wanted to help her because he really cared for her and wanted to spend eternity with her.

Although there was much objection at first from Alaina, she agreed in the end.

At the room with the pearls, Alana asked Damon, “Are you ready?” And Damon smiled and nodded his head.

But just as they were about to touch the pearls, the merchants from earlier stopped him.

“Wait! If you don’t sacrifice your life and take the pearls, we will offer you these gifts!”

One merchant opened 100,000,000 chests filled with jewels, the other opened a big bottle filled with fame, and another opened 100,000,000 chests filled with money.

“Choose carefully! The girl, or all of this.” The merchant pointed at the gifts.

But Damon simply declined.

Just as he and Alaina touched the pearls, the merchants formed into one and revealed to be the witch who cursed Alana and smiled with tears of happiness rolling down her now wrinkled cheeks.

And as the pearls exploded into pure light, Alaina and Damon hugged each other tightly and burst into two doves as they flew away to find eternal peace together.

Some stories say they are now angels, others say they stayed as doves and went somewhere else. But nobody knows, except for Alaina and Damon.

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