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Adelina Otero Warren Becomes One of Few Women to Be on a Quarter

By: Tristan Ascenzo

Adelina Otero Warren, an educator and activist from New Mexico, will be featured on a coin to be minted this year. Along with four other women, Warren will have her face stamped on a United Stated quarter dollar.

The United States is honoring women powerhouses by putting them on a coin. One of Warren’s achievements was that she helped gain women’s voting rights.

Warren was born October 23, 1981, in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Her mother’s family were some of the first people to colonize New Mexico in 1598. Her father was also a descendant of colonizers.

Warren dedicated her life to many causes. She led the New Mexico chapter of the Congressional Union and between managed public schools in her hometown. In 1936, she published a book called Old Spain in Our Southwest.

Warren’s quarter has her face on the back and will be in use as of August 16, 2022. It has a unique design that says "voto para la mujer," which means “vote for women” in Spanish. It also shows her name and flowers.

Four other women are being honored with their face on a coin for their contributions and achievements. Their names are Maya Angelou, Anna May Wong, Sally Ride, and Wilma Mankiller. The American Woman Quarters Program is working hard to produce quarters with new faces. Each year, for the next three years, five new coins will be made in honor of women who have made contributions to the history of the United States.

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