A Tale of Two Wizards

By: Zhihan Jiang

A long, long time ago, there lived a blue wizard and a crimson wizard. They were the best of friends. They had special powers that allowed them to transform into anything they wanted.

When the blue wizard transformed, he looked gentle, like a human, but was evil, like a wizard. When the crimson wizard transformed, he looked evil, like a wizard, but was gentle like a human. The crimson wizard wished to befriend the humans, but they were scared of his powers, so they threw rocks at him whenever he came near.

So, the blue wizard said to the crimson wizard: “Dumbledore, I’ll cause trouble in the village, you come to stop me. Then the humans will accept you.”

As planned, the crimson wizard chased the blue wizard away, and his deeds spread throughout the land. But, when the crimson wizard went home to tell the blue wizard the good news, he was gone, and left only a letter behind: “I went traveling. Don’t come find me, or they’ll treat you as a naughty little wizard. But don’t worry about me. No matter where I go, we’ll always be friends.”

For a long time, the crimson wizard was living happily with the humans. But no matter what he did, he kept thinking about bringing the blue wizard home. The crimson wizard didn’t know where to find the blue wizard, but he vowed to bring him back no matter what. His search took him up the highest mountains and across the widest rivers. He found many traces of the blue wizard, but no matter where he searched, he could never find him.

So just as the blue wizard had once done, the crimson wizard left him a letter. “Dear Voldemort, I have lots of human friends now and I want to have a huge party for everyone. I want all my friends to be there, and that means you too. If you don’t want to meet me, you can just watch from a distance.”

The blue wizard snuck back to the village and watched from the shadows. He saw the great feast and roaring fire and longed to join in. But though his stomach rumbled, he remembered his sacrifice and kept his distance. Suddenly, the crimson wizard was right behind him! “Come on, let's get you some food.”

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