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A Heat Wave Like No Other Strikes Japan

By: Bryan Li

According to The New York Times, this heat wave caused temperatures in Tokyo to remain higher than 95 degrees for eight straight days, a record Japan has seen only once in 147 years. Isesaka, another city, reached 104 degrees, breaking another record set just two years prior.

Heat stroke and exhaustion are particularly dangerous, especially to senior citizens who happen to make up large amount of Japan’s population. According to The New York Times, 4,500 people were taken to hospitals due to symptoms of heat stroke or exhaustion, a number over four times greater than the number a year ago.

Power companies are also worried that they will not be able to provide everyone with electricity, says The New York Times. Japan’s government urges the population to keep their air conditioners on but abstain from using power from other sources. “Most of the lights in my office are dark” says Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo. “It’s dark.

However, as The New York Times says, Japan’s Ministry of Economy claims that the heat wave is bound to ease up. They said that “The heat is expected to be reduced next week, and the power demand will also be less.”

People are also using social media platforms like Twitter to share stories and give warnings about the heat. The New York Times claims that Kentaro Araki, a researcher at the Japan Meteorological Agency, tweeted that “You can’t manage the heat just with your endurance. No matter how tough a person you are, you could use your life. Please take every possible measure to protect your life.”

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