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Our Courses

Unlock your full potential in reading and writing with the Eyre Writing Center! Our English curriculum is has been crafted to focus on enhancing your reading and writing skills. We offer personalized support and strategies that will empower you to succeed in mastering the English language.


Recommended for students grades 3 and up


Writing is not easy to teach: it is so personal to every student. We want to change the way writing is taught by providing students by focusing on the FOUNDATIONS:

  • Learning How to Read & Engagement

  • "Making Sentences Pop" & Applied Grammar

  • Building Paragraphs & Logical Connections

  • Constructing Cohesive Pieces of Writing

This course is available both in live and on-demand formats.


Recommended for students grades 3 and up


The EWC Grammar courses were developed by Fulbright Scholar and Harvard Linguistics concentrator Sam Benkelman.


Sam's courses are a complete solution to learning the systems and subtleties behind English grammar.


EWC Grammar courses are available both in live and on-demand formats.

Young Writers' Club

For students in grades 3-8


Young Writers' Club is our membership offering for students from Grades 3-8.


Join us in weekly live reading and writing labs, where students will learn a new reading or writing skill each week. These skills include: misplaced modifiers, reading fluency and comprehension, and more! These weekly labs come with graded homework assignments to review work done in class.


This membership course is held exclusively in a live format.


For all ages


Discover the world of English with our ESL program! Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your language skills, our comprehensive ESL courses are designed to help you achieve fluency. With experienced instructors, engaging lessons, and a supportive learning environment, you'll gain confidence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. Join us on a language journey that opens doors to new opportunities. Start your ESL adventure with us today!


This course is held exclusively in a live format.

Writing Contest

For ages 8-18


Many past EWC students have won prizes in national and regional writing competitions. To help advanced young writers navigate writing competitively, EWC will offer a series of writing competition bootcamps throughout the year. Our Writing Contest Pack includes:

5-6 carefully curated yet diverse contests for grade 3-12, enabling plenty of opportunities for students to exercise their creativity.

As part of our curriculum:

  • Learn the foundations of writing with an authentic audience

  • Write in-class to make sure you're on track

  • Data-driven insights based on coach feedback to identify areas for improvement

Reading Companion

Recommended for students grades 3 and up


A love of reading English is so important. Let us help—join us in the Ivy Reading Companion! Participate in activities such as directed conversations with classmates, and build social skills in the process! We encourage students to share their vibrant ideas to improve their confidence in English. 

Aspiring Scholars' Club

For students in grades 8 and up

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Aspiring Scholars' Club is our asynchronous membership offering for students from Grades 8 and up.

This is our most individualized offering: students will receive tailored feedback—two rounds of edits—for one homework assignment per week from highly vetted editors. Meet with them once a week to go over homework and discuss methods of improvement. 


Students can also opt to participate in our asynchronous EWJ program via this membership, the only way to do so outside of the summer semester. 

The Aspiring Scholars' Club membership also grants a 20% discount on all other EWC classes.

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