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Writing is a personalized journey. Let's go it through together.

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Writing is a personalized journey. Let's go it through together.

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Our membership gives you access to our Writing Hub, on-demand courses, and live interaction.

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Submit any writing sample to us! We'll tell you what areas you should focus on in your writing.

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You'll be paired with one of our top editors. We will then give you a 1-on-1 orientation and a personalized study plan.

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You're all set to start writing! Be sure to follow your study plan to initiate your first assignment. You'll even have the opportunity to get published!

What's in a Membership?

Prioritize Your Work

You can submit FOUR independent writing pieces per month to practice your writing & receive in depth-feedback.

Your Own Study Plan

Based on your diagnostic, we will give you a personalized study plan on what assignments to submit and lessons to take.

1:1 Weekly Meetings

Take your feedback to your editor and meet 1-on-1 to discuss your areas for improvement!

Weekly Live "Labs"

Every week, join a live Reading or Writing Lab to work on a specific skill workshop with our instructor.

50% Off Our Courses

That's right: all live EWC classes are 50% OFF for as long as you're a member!

Membership Plans

After a free diagnostic, you have three different options for your membership.

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Annual Subscription


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We know that everyone's writing journey is a personal one. Come chat with us! We'll find a course to suit your needs.

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