Welcome to the Eyre Writing Center (pronounced "AIR" as an homage to the book Jane Eyre). We believe that strong writing skills serve as the bedrock of being a stronger thinker. That ability to write and think clearly is integral not only to a liberal arts education, but also to our roles in the community at large.

Our mission is clear: to instill good writing early on in our students' lives. The goal is to create courses and workshops that would assist students across all aspects of the writing process from brainstorming to proofreading. We have also designed our own unique curricula that:

(1) Take the guesswork out of writing, and

(2) Bring a highly personalized approach to a workshop setting.

Writing is subject matter-agnostic: its importance spans all fields and is too often overlooked. We cannot underscore enough the urgency of mastering the mechanics of good writing. We hope you share our concerns, and that you will join the community here at EWC.


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