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Divided into four sections, Grammar focuses on the science of language construction and the stylistic art of writing well. Classes are available either LIVE or SELF-PACED.

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The Grammar course has 4 levels. How do I know which level is appropriate for my child?

This page contains a grammar diagnostic that will assign your child an appropriate level for the class.

Why does my kid need to learn grammar? Can one be a great writer without good grammar?

Good grammar is essential for your child's writing as it ensures clarity and precision in expressing ideas, enhancing their communication skills. While creativity matters, mastering grammar rules significantly improves the quality and impact of their writing.

How long is each class?

Each Grammar class is an hour long.

For how many weeks does the Grammar course run for?

One semester of the Grammar course contains 10 classes. The semester will be slightly longer due to vacation days. Consult the calendar on the EWC website for more information.

Does Grammar offer 1:1 meeting?

No, there is no 1:1 meeting for the Grammar courses.

Do you provide discounts for siblings or multiple family members participating in the program?

We provide a sibling discount applicable only to our full-priced offerings. It cannot be combined with any other promotions.

What background do your instructors have?

Our team of instructors is comprised of graduates from top 25 colleges with extensive experience. Approximately 80% of our instructors have graduated from an Ivy League school.

Placement Test

Take the placement test to decide your level!

On-Demand Courses

Want to learn at your own pace? Try the grammar course, on demand.

They each include:

  • 6-8 hours of instructor-led video lectures

  • 2 full-length written exams

  • Written feedback for every homework assignment

Grammar I

Grammar III

Grammar II

Grammar IV

Enroll in all four courses and save $600!

Grammar I-IV

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