How's Your Grammar?

Grammar is the science of language construction and communication. Take the placement test below to find out how you do!

Step 1

Download the diagnostic below. Note there are two parts to complete.

Download Test

Step 2

Use the answer key below to grade yourself for Parts 1 and 2.

Answer Key

Step 3

Complete following form to determine your level of grammar.

Course Placement

Live Courses: Fall 2023 Semester

10-Week Course  |  60-minute sessions

To learn the 8 parts of speech

To emphasize learning all the various verb tenses

To build basic grammatical vocabulary


To move one level up from individual words and give a thorough understanding through phrases

To introduce students to clauses


To give an advanced understanding of grammar at the level of clauses

To have students understand sentential roles (subjects and objects) and clausal punctuation


To teach advanced grammar and style for the purpose of clarity in writing

To introduce important themes including avoiding common mistakes, avoiding ambiguity and redundancy, making stylistic choices

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