On the 3rd Friday* of every month, we will hold a ~90-min. class discussing a "Book of the Month." The format will be as follows: 

Thematic Discussion (20 min.)

In-Class Writing (20 min.)

Debate (20 min.)

Editing (20 min.)

Please join us! We are so excited to see you all in class!

*Unless otherwise noted



Join us for our Open House discussing the EWC Winter/ Spring 2021 Term on January 24th! Please register below:

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We are SO EXCITED to continue the EWC Writing Series! Join us to discuss how the names of the characters in Animal Farm illustrate their personalities and respective allegorical parallels.

‚ÄčThe primary theme that we are discussing will be: THE CONCEPT OF THE ALLEGORY

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In November 2020, the theme was YOUNG DYSTOPIA, and we discussed THE GIVER and THE HUNGER GAMES!

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In October 2020, the theme was FATE, and we discussed HARRY POTTER!