Essay Contest 2020 Winners

4th - 6th Grade Division

Catherine S.

Ayush V.

WHY is writing

important to me?

Catherine s.

Imagine this. A child, no more than the age of nine or ten, scribbling furiously on an already full sheet of  paper filled with mathematical computations. They were all hurriedly scribbled and overlapping each other,  which only served to make the girl more and more frustrated until she finally admitted defeat. She reached for  another sheet of paper, immediately resuming her disordered thoughts as if she was afraid they would all but  disappear if she stopped for too long.  


The girl's nickname was Cookie, and math was the bane of her existence.  

It wasn't that she wasn't good at it, at least according to school test grades.  

No, that wasn't it. It was people expecting her to love math and be brilliant at it because she had a brother who did.  

Because by third grade, she had made clear that she had no interest in anything related to math.  And all she received in response was disappointment.  

Like, I get it, math is important but did my entire life need to revolve on math and how well I scored on tests  made for people in at least seven grades above me?  

And when I apparently didn't score well, being scolded and compared to my ever so perfect brother? Math  was structured. No matter what someone thought, math would never change.


And I hated that. Hated that it was so cold, defined, and emotionless.  

But writing was different. It couldn't be more different than math if it wanted to.  

Good writing was something that no one could deny was crucial for school, and so it became an excuse, if  you would, to take a break from the numbers and formulas. A way to finally be different from everyone else.  In the household that I lived in, math was considered a top priority, and everyone loved math; everyone but me.  

Writing was like a flashlight in the dark, a way to lead me out of the darkness that was math.  

And that was all it ever was; A way to rebel against the expectations and a way to escape math. But I had  never really cared about writing, even back then.  

Until I began enjoying it, using every second available to write. I would spend hours in bed every day,  thinking about my characters and the adventures I could lead them on.  

I discovered how much of a treasure writing could be. 

Writing was a way to vent when angry, a way to document happy experiences, to bring joy to the people  around me, making the characters come alive.  

A way to pour out all of my hidden emotions, where no one would ever know it was me.  

What started as just scribbling notes from the dreams I came up with as I was in bed, supposed to be asleep,  soon became dreams of being a published author.  

You could live through your characters; Do anything and everything through them, and share your story with  the world.  

Anything that you ever imagined.

WHY is writing

important to me?

Ayush v.

I swallowed hard and spoke, “I really have no idea how we could possibly build a bridge  from asteroids.” The void in my mind was like a black hole. Nothing got in, nothing got  out. And that was my biggest problem. I was never anything more than just a few stars.  The hole inside of me consumed the one most important quality anyone can have. It’s  the one that people use to be innovative and find new solutions! Creativity. But I faced  one problem. How would I approach this? How would I turn the black hole into a place  where I thrive? 

Time flew away from me as this question haunted me. I wanted it to change. I needed  the void to be filled with the creativity I so badly needed. I needed my one little planet  where I could change into something that I wanted. I found my answer in something I thought I hated: writing. Writing was something I used to do solely to make sure I could  spell words. I had no intention of ever getting better at it. But there was some feeling  that came out of the fury of writing. All my emotions were splattered onto that paper. My  frustration. My happiness. The black hole sucking in everything that I had, was finally  evaporating into the depths of my mind.  

Writing was now the way that I removed the asteroids that crowded my way in  discovering a new solar system. Writing conquers those asteroids, by throwing my own  asteroids at them. My asteroids are made up of something stronger than moon rock or  steel. My asteroids are made up of feelings and words. They are made up of the person  that I am, and the experiences that I have! 

However, removing these asteroids, turned out to be a very grueling task. For the past  three years I had simply embedded it in my mind that I would never be creative!  However, after a lot of destruction, I was finally able to remove the crowd, and make  myself free to explore. Most important to me, was that I had become more creative.  Words were not just stuck on the paper, but now they were making the impact on my  life. The words that were once just a fantasy, had become an amazing reality that I  would’ve never believed possible. Now, I implement my newfound qualities by starting  my own free non-profit during the COVID-19 Pandemic where I teach over 80 students!  Having the quality that I so badly wanted enabled me to find new solutions to teach little  children, and elderly people. 

Writing is the telescope for me to discover the endless possibilities of who I can be. The  endless possibilities of who I can change. Writing is more than just words. My black hole  has now collapsed, but now bringing new stars into my galaxy. 

Writing to me, is the place, where I improve, where I grow, and where I exist.


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