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For the Spring/Summer 2020 term, we will be offering our Core (Intro & Expos) and Module courses online via Zoom and Google Classroom in addition to in-person classes.


Intro 100 / 200

Expos 100 / 200

The EWC Writing Core starts at the very beginning: from building sentences, to forming paragraphs, and eventually to crafting essays.

Intro draws on classic literature and liberal arts knowledge that are fundamental to a students' education as both writers and thinkers. New students begin in Intro 100 (Ages 10-12) and in Intro 150 (Ages 13-14).

Expos instructs students on the art and science of constructing an "expository essay". Students evaluate and argue a thesis after analyzing evidence. In-class writing is combined with 1-on-1 discussion. (Ages 15-18)




Modules are classes used to supplement or boost specific areas within writing. Currently, EWC is offering a Grammar module. Here, we focus on the mechanics of grammar, from identifying basic parts of speech to fixing dangling modifiers.

Please check back for additional offerings, including "Spelling & Vocabulary" later this year.

(Ages 10-15)


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