Summer 2021 Term


This summer we are offering:

Intro Courses
Core Courses
Grammar Modules
EWC Journal
EWC Workspace

Intro Courses

EWC starts at the very beginning: from building sentences, to forming paragraphs, and eventually to crafting essays by analyzing classical literature.

As of 2021, classes are held in lecture and seminar format. Lectures will held every Saturday, and students are expected either to attend live or to watch the recording. Seminars will be held throughout the week and is dedicated for discussion and homework time. Time will also be allocated for individual feedback and parent-teacher conferences.

Intro 100 progress to Intro 200 (Suggested Gr. 4-6). Intro 150 progress to Intro 250 (Suggested Gr. 6-8). 

Feel free to watch recordings from our prior open houses to learn more about the Intro series!

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CORE Curriculum

Our Core Curriculum is the new heart of the Eyre Writing Center.  In our Core Classes, our EWC tutors help students as they build on the skills developed and evaluated in the Intro Series. 

After completing their designated track in the Intro Series, each EWC student will receive a personalized recommendation for their first class in the Core Curriculum. 

Remember, you need to take the Intro Series and be granted a spot in Core before signing up!

Course Calendar
中文版 CORE 课程简介

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Grammar Modules (Live Class)

"An man were walking to the store because she is hungry..."

At EWC, we offer 4 Grammar Modules (Modules 1-3 will be offered this July and Modules 2-4 will be offered this August). They are divided into "Grammar Fundamentals" and "Advanced Grammar & Style" is the science of language constructionPlease read our Grammar Instructor's blog post here!

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EWJ: The Eyre Writing Journal!

At EWC, we believe that the best way to become a better writer is to read and write every day.  But we also know that this is not always as simple as it seems.  Many parents have several questions:

  1. What should my child be reading on a daily basis?
  2. What should my child be writing on a daily basis?
  3. How will my child be receiving feedback on their written work?

As an answer to all these questions, we have created the Eyre Writing Journal!  At EWJ, we provide materials, support, and an outlet for students to read and write every day, and even to have their work published.  Read all about the program specifics by downloading the full packet below!

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