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The EWC Journal

Our most popular bootcamp is coming soon!

Want more guidance for our EWJ program? Come learn about our EWJ+ camp! You will receive additional 1:1 time with your reading & writing coach.

Read, Write, Edit. Every Day.

First, what IS The EWC Journal ? Well, In order to understand the purpose of EWJ, we must first revisit the definition of a “journal.”


The goal of the program is to:

  • To form positive habits of reading reputable periodicals in order to regularly engage with current events

  • To reflect on how the world at large impacts students’ own lives through various written media

  • To provide individualized and personal feedback on our students' work and showcase them to a public audience in order to generate positive feedback

We are thrilled that you are considering joining us on this mission and cannot wait to see what incredible work you will produce.

Reading and writing used to be something Kevin hated the most. After taking EWJ, Kevin has gained so much confidence and grown to love writing. He said, ‘I’m not afraid of writing anymore!’ He asked to take EWJ again this summer. 
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