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“Writing,” E.B. White once said, “is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.”

That is probably among the last things a student working on her college application needs to hear. Your typical high school junior is knee-high in books, juggling her extracurricular activities with community service requirements, knocking on the doors of teachers for recommendations, ripping through practice SAT tests … and you want me to view the personal statement as a spiritual exercise?

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What You Will Produce

We believe that writing is like gas: it will fill up whatever space you give it. That is why we at EWC run College Essay Bootcamps on a very tight schedule with firm and concrete deadlines.

At the end of the 7-week bootcamp, you should have the following:

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How It Works

Completing all the outputs above within 7 weeks is a challenging feat. As such, we will be using a combination of lectures, 1-on-1 live sessions, and editing sessions.


From your personal statement to your activities list, we've got you covered. Come attend a weekly seminar from Jane!


The process is highly individualized, and we want to walk you through your own essays. Set up 1-on-1 slots with Jane!


We only bring the best editors to help you with your essays, and you will receive multiple revisions. Don't worry - we're constantly quality-controlling.

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Choose One of Our Three Bootcamps!

We know that your schedule is hectic. That is why we're offering three dates for our bootcamp. You will be receiving:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with our Founder to discuss your application 
  • Live weekly lectures with our Founder to discuss the writing assignment for the week
  • Edits from our EWC team to comment on, edit, and provide multiple revisions of all assignments

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We know you have questions. Join our info session run by our Founder! We will give you college application tips and walk you through our bootcamp. Come hang out with me and bring your questions!

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