A No Good Rotten Boy

personal narratives May 13, 2021

By Hanna Qian

One ordinary day, actually the first day of first grade. Everyone was excited and pumped for the first day of real school and to not be treated like little kids. As my mom and I went to the bus stop we met the three other moms with their children. The kids were named Ava, Adalyn, Harper, and Grant. All of them were older than me and it looked like they were all pretty popular in their grade. Ava was in third grade, blonde hair and was really tall; Adalyn, Ava’s sister, had dirty blonde hair and a cute princess backpack. Harper was in second grade. She was short like her mom and really cute. Grant, was my neighbor– super popular, short, a big bully, and you name it! On the bus, of course I sat with my friend. Her name is Emma. She’s shy, friendly, and sweet! In kindergarten we would play family. She would be the dog and I would be the baby! It was so much fun! You got all the attention with the teachers who were also really nice. We would count all the trees we saw and all the white cars, also look for cars with their license from out of the state! As the bus pulled into the school parking lot we all got off the bus and we were supposed to sit against the wall near the nurse’s office. The girls went on one side and the boys on the other. There were hand-drawn pictures on the wall by the fourth graders five years ago. After the teachers took attendance, we headed to our classroom. There were three teachers, each teacher got their own room! She was really energetic and made every class fun! Then there was Ms. Kristen, who talks way too much. And lastly, Ms. Casella's room was decorated with many colorful flowers! Emma and I were in Ms. Walker's homeroom with this mean bully named Teddy. He did a bunch of bad things and had a lot of bad habits. I can name a bunch of things he did wrong; the first thing he did to me was breaking all of her crayons in pieces. Also, he pulled my chair back so I fell on my butt. He would pull every girl's hair if they had it down. It was way too crazy! After he left the school everyone was relieved. People went back to their normal life, and had a great rest of their first grade. With Teddy in school he made a bunch of problems for the students and teachers! He literally ruined everyone's days! I hope Teddy understands how it feels if  he ever gets bullied like that because then he will actually learn from his big humongous mistake.



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