My Last Race

personal narratives May 14, 2021

By Mingchen Liu

Before leaving China, I joined the school sports team. As the top sports student in my grade, I participated in major sports competitions on behalf of the school. One race is a 1000-meter running race with a ten relay. I love sports and I hope to achieve outstanding results in every sports competition. In my cognition, sportsmanship is an attitude of continuous breakthrough and continuous struggle. The scores of ten individuals are calculated to calculate the total score. After a period of training, the day of the game finally arrived. I walked into the arena with excitement. I saw a lot of players from other schools. Everyone exuded vitality. At the same time, everyone's determination to win the championship was in the air. After a short warm-up and preparation, the fierce competition had finally begun. The first person in each school was ready to start the starting line. With the whistle of the referee, the athletes “flew” off the starting line. I stared at the stadium intently, cheering for my teammates. I thought to myself: "This is the last sports game I will have participated in in China, and I don't want to lose." As the game progressed, I gradually became disappointed. The overall strength of our school is worse than other schools. When I started running, our school was half a circle behind other schools (500m). The moment I took over, I flew out of the starting line. There was only one belief in my mind: "I can run as fast as I can." I stared at the gap between myself and the previous players. The gap was getting shorter. Running fast for a long time made my original smooth breathing become very disordered, but I didn't have time to think about the constant discomfort coming from my body . Just as I gradually slowed down my running: "This is the last sports game I will have participated in in China, and I don't want to lose." This sentence came to my mind again. I rushed up again with all my strength, and finally I surpassed the players from two of the schools and crossed the finish line. I lay on the turning grass, breathing heavily. After about twenty minutes of adjustment, I finally got up slowly. I walked to the referee who recorded the game results and asked about mine. It turned out to be thirty  seconds faster than my school record. In the end, with my efforts, our school achieved third place among thirteen schools.


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