personal narratives Mar 23, 2021

By Caleb Jia

On a bright and sunny day, my parents and I went to a city fair. The fair had many wonderful things inside. One of the things was a balloon. When I saw the balloon, I immediately fell in love with it. It was a big red “Iron Man” balloon. My dad saw that I liked it, and decided to get it for me. 

Afterwards, when we left the fair, my dad opened the back car window for some fresh air.

“Daddy could you close the car windows? Because my balloon might fly away,   I said. My dad told me everything would be fine and my balloon would be safe. 

Suddenly, my balloon actually flew out the  window right next to me and I couldn’t believe what I had seen. My face turned red and I started to cry and yell. I cried, “OH NO, MY BALLOON FLEW AWAY!” My mom and dad didn’t know what to do, and started to move and talk really fast. 

“Caleb lost his balloon!” my mom exclaimed.

When we arrived at home everyone was running in circles. My dad tried to cheer me up by letting me watch Mickey Mouse, but it didn’t work. My mom hugged me and tried to make a joke, but it didn’t work either. After trying to cheer me up a couple more times, my dad told me that he would get me a new balloon. This made me stop crying and I had a huge smile on my face.

Afterwards, when my dad came back home he told me that he got a “Superman” balloon this time. Even though it wasn’t the same as the balloon I had lost, I was still happy because I loved “Superman” too. I shouted “HOORAY! I have a new balloon!” 

In the end, everything turned out great and everyone was happy. From that day on I learned you shouldn't lose your temper or other people will not know what to do. I also learned that when people are unhappy it also makes you unhappy too.


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