Missing Homework

personal narratives Mar 22, 2021

By Chris Ding

I miss homework a couple times a month. I always get an email home. Then, I can’t get on my PC at lunchtime as punishment. It always makes me pretty upset when I miss homework, and it makes my parents more upset. I sometimes remember just before class that I have something due, but then it’s already too late as usually the teacher locks the assignment so you can’t do it after the deadline. That usually makes me very upset and sort of angry, as I know that I’m getting punished for missing homework again and there’s nothing I can do at that point. Thankfully, they don’t send the email until afternoon, so I have some time to think about what to do or how I can play before they send it. I usually don’t want to do my homework, as when I get off school the last thing I’m thinking about is school again. Usually, I either go take a nap or go watch YouTube, because both of those activities are a lot more fun than school. Then, the night drags on and I totally forget about the activity or homework I was supposed to do. I usually have lots of events on the weekdays, so that would also contribute to the aforementioned impending downfall. I usually only miss homework assigned by my school, but it does happen rarely for work assigned outside of school as well. The reason for that is because usually out-of-school work doesn’t have a hard due date, so the expected time to finish it is pretty loose, and teachers outside of school don't hunt you down as hard for it. Sometimes they assign homework over the weekends, which strangely I manage to not forget about, maybe because I have more time for a moment where I say to myself “Oh, I have homework,” and consequently,  I can go do the mentioned homework, or multiple homework assignments. On the weekends I can’t think “I don’t want to do the homework,” because I supposedly have more time off, but my break from school doesn't really happen since I have 5 hours of class on weekends anyways. However, it gives the feeling of more time and the sense that  I can’t really avoid the homework that much longer. I  wake up later on weekends, so I’m also less tired. , This means that I get less of those feelings that I don’t want to do my assignment or assignments. A lot of the time on the weekdays, the desire to not do the homework is pretty strong, but the knowledge of what's coming if I don’t and how I will feel when that happens is also pretty strong. However, I know that doing homework is more important than whatever else I have to do, so I’m working on staying focused on  the homework at hand and getting it done before everything else. I know that  homework should get done first, despite the desire to do anything else. 


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