Bargaining in Mexico that felt like forever

personal narratives Jun 03, 2021

By Allan Wang 

Have you ever been in a bargaining situation before? Because I have. I still remember the time when me and my Dad were walking around in the nice sunny weather in a Mexican village. This village had so many stands selling things, including food and decorations, like poetry. This village was in Mexico and we were trying to buy a swordfish decoration. But there was one problem: a lot of the stores had the decoration but were a bit too expensive, and at the time, I was eight so I did not know too much about buying products. Walking in the hot sun, we eventually came across another store that had a lot of other decorations and also had the swordfish decoration that we were looking for – but it was still too expensive. To me and my dad, the swordfish looked really nice and cool. I thought when my dad asked for a price, the seller would give it to us right away. But instead, we had to bargain for a pretty long time. When my dad proceeded to ask for a better price, the man who was selling it tried offering a different price but my dad still did not like the deal the seller was giving. This bargaining process felt like it was going on forever. Our main goal was to get a deal and go with it. I was confused because I did not know a thing about bargaining, especially when I was young. Soon, my dad came up with a price but the seller still did not like it. So then we left the store. Soon, the seller found us and decided to give my dad a price but my dad just kept giving the amount he wanted. Finally, the seller agreed to it and we bought it. When we went back home(our hotel), me and my dad told the story to my mom and sister. They found it pretty funny. Something I learned from this is that not everyone will end up agreeing with you. But at some point, people have to come to an agreement.


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