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Announcing the EWC Essay Contest Winners!

Nov 03, 2020
Congratulations to all our winners and notable mentions! Keep an eye out for their phenomenal essays to be posted on our website soon.
Catherine S. (4th - 6th Grade Division)
Avanthi V. (7th - 9th Grade Division)
David H.  (10th - 12th Grade Division)
Ayush V. (4th - 6th Grade Division)
Julia X. (7th - 9th Grade Division)
Jonathan X.  (10th - 12th Grade Division)
Lydia T. (7th - 9th Grade Division)
Jane Z. (10th - 12th Grade Division)
4th - 6th Grade Division
Prince X.
Joseph B.
Jessica X.
Heinrich T.
Caleb B.
7th - 9th Grade Division
Samuel C.
Riley K.
Leyuan Z.
Kavitha B.
Jamison L.
Hillary T. 
10th - 12th Grade Division
Victoria R.
Xuan Mai J.
Vyvy N.

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