A messy room

personal narratives Mar 22, 2021

By Kristy Liu

It was 9:00 pm in the night when my sister told me and my mom there was a cockroach dead under her bunk bed. My sister wanted to clean her room now.

We went to sleep because we were really tired. The next day, we ate waffles and eggs.

My sister and I discussed cleaning her room and school, after we finished we headed upstairs to wear and we decided to clean her room. I grabbed a mask because my eyes would get watery and I would start sneezing. We started by picking up all her dirty clothes and washing them after that we  put all the clean clothes in the closet hanging them on a clothes hanger. It took about 1 hour or so until we finished. We then vacuumed the floor, leaving the floor spotless.We then cleaned the desks with wipes. I  sorted all the stuff after that I  cleaned the other desks also cleaning the bathroom like cleaning the toilet and the mirror and the sink.  I finished and my sister had finished changing the sheets and vacuuming the floor. The room was finally clean. We made ourselves comfortable in the room, and since it was night time we went out to get food. The day ended in those few hours. What a wonderful day.


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