A Dancing Tragedy

personal narratives Dec 08, 2020
By Ashley
On a Wednesday evening, during dance summer camp, the teachers were assigned to take pictures of the students doing techniques. We took the stools from the storage room and placed them on the floor.
We got into our positions until I went into a backbend and (BANG!!) I suddenly lost my balance and fell. I hit my head on the ridged wooden stool. I got up and something constantly was dripping down my face. It was blood. The blood-covered up my entire face like Bloody Mary. My agitated teacher quickly drove me to the hospital. The next thing I knew, I was already in the Emergency Room. The room smelt like medicine. I was also surrounded by scary needles/doctor’s equipment. Both my mom and the doctor asked me what happened. “As I was doing the backbend, I lost a sense of balance and fell,” I explained. “You might need stitches of medical glue to cover up that big bruise of yours.” he said. I was petrified when he said stitches. He left the room to go grab the things.
A few minutes passed, and I was anticipating him to come back with medical glue in his hand. As luck would have had it, he came back with medical glue. I was relieved. Then he put the glue on to the spot where I injured myself. It didn’t hurt much as I expected.
After was the best part, my mom brought me to ‘Baskin Robbins’, one of my favorite ice-cream shops. My mom thought that bringing me to an ice cream shop would help me feel better after the painful experience.
After that big incident, I knew I had to be careful. After a year of that tragedy, I learned how to take care of myself and the scar is still there on my forehead. Next time when it happens again, I’ll make sure to pay attention to what I’m doing and be more alert.


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